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In the last year…

We know that before you invest in an organization, you want to know more about them: what they do, who and how they help, what are their values, etc. Our prayer is that the following information will give you the answers you are looking for about Cleveland County Rescue Mission (CCRM) and our 24/7/365 ministry to love the homeless and hopeless.

Since the founding of CCRM as an emergency overnight shelter until the recent move (May, 2015) into a larger (24/7) facility that offers a health clinic, computer lab, library, and safe shelter for nearly a hundred under-served individuals in Cleveland County, the Rescue Mission has made a hugely positive impact on the community. A promising 80% of residents make a commitment to the long-term programming which includes employment preparation and regular case management and directly contributes to 25% of our clients achieving employment and independent, safe living. We served over 360 separate men, women, and children and provided over 34,000 meals during the last fiscal year. We believe that our holistic approach to homelessness and recovery lends itself to a much higher success rate of returning individuals to the productive members of society they once were and were always meant to be. Twenty-two mothers and children were reunited last year as a direct result of the spiritual renewal the women at Heart2Heart Place are finding through a personal relationship with Christ.

In addition to the provision of basic needs such as a meal and bed, we also provide access to services that will directly address the workforce development needs of our homeless population and give them the life-changing tools they require to return to independent living.

Will you join us and help us transform MORE lives this year?!

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Drop-in Open House

Please join us for an Open House at the Men’s Facility of CCRM (1100 Buffalo St., Shelby).

You can come anytime you’d like between 1 and 4 p.m. Our staff and board members will be available to answer questions and show you around the Mission!

The entire family is welcome!

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Video Testimonials – Brenda

Click HERE to watch another testimonial from the 2017 Celebrate Hope Banquet. Brenda is a graduate of Heart2Heart Place and takes part in our Education Program daily.

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Video Testimonials – Ana

Click HERE to listen to Ana’s heartfelt story of restoration and hope found through the love shown to her at Heart2Heart Place. Christ is our Awesome Redeemer, and Ana is one example of that redemption!

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Video Testimonials – Jose

Click HERE to find Jose’s story on our Facebook page and hear how CCRM has helped him turn his life around and walk closer to God, doing what He wills in his life.


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Mothers Day Message from resident, Kelly

For moms who are homeless, Mother’s Day is difficult.

The day is bittersweet even for the men we serve who have estranged relationships with their own moms.

Kelly is no exception. She showed up at Heart2Heart Place (CCRM’s Women’s Division) six months pregnant and with two small boys in tow.  Kelly is working to improve her situation so she can give her children the life she never had.

You can probably get a better idea from Kelly herself about the brokenness of her life and the restoration she’s finding through the love of Christ at Heart2Heart Place:

“I was raised by my grandfather because both my parents were addicts and unable to care for me. He passed away when I was 17.

Life became much harder after he died. I mean, he was the only family I had ever known and the only person that ever cared for me. My ex-husband and I moved around a lot and our relationship was violent from the start. I used alcohol and marijuana to cope.

The police sent DSS to take my children away. They had been to our house too many times and seen too many bruises on my face to turn a blind eye. With my children gone, my life was turned upside down. My drug use got worse.

One day, by the grace of God I realized that if I ever wanted to see my kids again, I would have to change my behavior. That’s when I checked myself into detox.

After being discharged, I ended up on the doorstep of Heart2Heart Place in November of 2016: four months pregnant and all alone.

I’ve learned that all of the emotional and physical abuse, the pain of losing my children, the broken relationships with my parents: all that had caused me to build up walls to keep people out.

But I have found true family at Heart2Heart Place and I’m learning to let my guard down. I’m learning to be a better mother.

The staff and other residents are part of our everyday life. Because of their help, my boys are living with me again! They help with the kids and push me to keep going forward. I will get my Pharmacy Technician Certification this month and in June I plan to apply to nursing school.

My baby girl was born on April 4th and God just keeps on blessing us. I’ve learned that with God’s help I can be a better example to my children and the mom He wants me to be.”

Kelly’s story is both unique and all too familiar here at CCRM.

I hope this Mother’s Day is a joyous time for you and your loved ones. And I pray you consider the homeless moms we serve on a daily basis, working to restore their identities in Christ.

What a great way to reach ladies with God’s love!

Will you join us with a monthly pledge in honor of your mother or the mother you pray Kelly is on her way to being?

Simply click here to make your secure online donation or call us at (704) 751-1255.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Fill Our Pantry!

February Pantry Appeal image

You can click our “Donate” button to make your secure online contribution. THANK YOU for remembering the homeless when many forget.


How Can You Help?


Your gift aids the Cleveland County Rescue Mission in providing food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, medical assistance for the poor, and a renewed sense of self-worth for so many. In addition, your gift equals Job training, GED education, employment preparation skills, recovery for the addicted, and the list goes on and on.

Visit our Donate Now page to give your best tax-deductible donation or click Volunteer Information for opportunities to volunteer within the rescue mission.